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Recommendations for investment firms & allocators

Good Investing is built to support investment talents. Therefore, for investment firms and allocators, our pricing recommendations follow the idea that strong shoulders can carry more. Based on AUM, we recommend the following:

  • Till 100 Mio € AUM: From 500 € a year
  • 100 Mio € AUM to 250 € AUM: From 1.000 € a year
  • 250 Mio € AUM to 1 Billion € AUM: From 2.500 € a year
  • > 1 Billion € AUM: From 5.000 € a year

If our recommended support levels aren’t a clear fit for you, please contact us. We are very happy to chat.

Every € counts!

During your checkout, you can name your price to set your individual yearly amount.

Every € extra helps us. We really appreciate your support! 💚

Minimum price: 500,00 every year


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