About us – Get to know our mission at Good Investing

Hey, it is great you are interested in Good Investing. Here you are kindly invited to learn more about us! 💚

How did the Good Investing platform come to life?

We had two historical phases:

valueDACH - Value Investing Community

Our platform has a German origin. In early 2018, we started valueDACH – a community for Value Investors from the DACH region that includes Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. With valueDACH, we passionately connected German-speaking investors on the ground in the DACH region.

Good Investing

During valueDACH, we increasingly encountered that we could add more value by producing English content. So, we gravitated to more English content. In January 2021, we decided to discontinue valueDACH and entirely focus on international content with Good Investing.

What is Good Investing’s mission?

Our mission is built around two goals:

Connecting investors

We enable investors to connect with other investors. We have built the global Plus community to provide an excellent network. We also portray investors via our Good Investing Talks podcast.

Understanding businesses

We also want to study and understand businesses together. We do this via in-depth interviews with business leaders in our podcast. We also exchange in our Plus community on companies in-depth.

What are the characteristics of our work?

These traits influence our platform:

Long-term orientation @ Good Investing Plus Investing Community

Long-term orientation

This platform has a long-term mindset. In our investing approach, we think about several years and decades.

Business Builder - Good Investing

A business builder mindset

We admire business builders and their creative “outsider” approach to building a business.


The best argument counts

Instead of ego and being right, the best argument counts for us. We are happy to learn that we are wrong.

Through which channels do we share?

Our approach is built around a culture of sharing. We share in many different ways:

Who is the person behind Good Investing?

Tilman Versch - Good Investing

I am Tilman Versch – your platform’s host, moderator, and coordinator. I live in Berlin, Germany.

In 2016 I came in touch with long-term-oriented investing. Soon, I was fascinated by the key concepts of Value Investing. Over time, I fell increasingly in love with investing as an owner. Through the years, I learned a lot by making investment mistakes – some were costly, and some ended luckily.

Also driven by these mistakes, I gravitated more and more to a quality-orientated and concentrated investing approach over time. This shift was also inspired by the many talks with good investors I could do for Talks.

Besides being passionate about investing, I have experience in politics. I have worked in federal politics in Baden-Württemberg. There, I supported the central office Green Party. From this background, fighting the climate crisis is crucial to my investing.