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Investing is often a labor-intensive activity. Fortunately, there are many tools that can make investing easier. For you, we have collected some Value Investing tools in our Value Investing toolbox here.

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Value Investing tool box(es)

Tools of the DIY InvestorThe DIY investor has compiled an impressive collection of Value Investing tools. Just have a look!

Website of Aswath Damadoran: The website of Prof. Damadoran is a real treasure trove of financial knowledge. The same applies here: Just have a look!

Portfolio management

Portfolio Performance: Portfolio Performance is an open source program to calculate the performance of a portfolio – across different portfolios and accounts.

Tableau: With Tableau you can visualize your portfolio – and that much more stylish than Excel.




We also find interesting value investing ideas outside the German-speaking countries. We have to translate documents such as annual reports and press releases for some companies. Google Translate and Bing Translator help us to do this. Both tools provide good translations and offer a wide range of languages. The DeepL Translator of the Cologne-based startup DeepL has a smaller language area than the Google and Microsoft translators. But it offers – not only from our point of view – better translations.

Voice recognition

Dragon Professional is a speech recognition software. It can be used to convert speech into text. We have had good experiences with it and can recommend you as a helpful software.

Data & Statistics


Public statistics

Historical charts and stock market statistics