Investing YouTube

Investing YouTube

YouTube is a great medium for exploring investing topics. There are numerous channels that make investment knowledge available in both German and English. There is a lot of content on Value Investing on YouTube. Fund companies present their investment strategies and explain investment decisions. Well-known value investors talk about their work and introduce you to their thinking and approach. Conferences document lectures and share your ideas. In basic videos, you can learn more about investing and learn how to invest.

This is why we have collected selected Investing and Value Investing YouTube channels for you on the Good Investig YouTube channel. In the Channels section you will find all of our subscribed YouTube channels. Unfortunately, YouTube does not yet offer any further sorting of the channels. Therefore, we sort and structure the channels via this page.

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Investing on YouTube

Fund corporations

English-language channels

Spanish-language channels

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Basics & Training

Mental models and life wisdom