Good Investing Talks Podcast

Good Investing Talks Podcast

What is the podcast about?

The episodes of the Good Investing Talks Podcast are in-depth conversations to understand and study Good Investors and Good Companies. With different, individually tailored formats we want to help our listeners becoming better investors, and understanding the thinking of good business owners.

The episodes of the Good Investing Talks Podcast are also published in a visual format on our YouTube channel.

The episodes

Why invest with VEF in Emerging Fintech? A talk with CEO David Nangle
With David Nangle I talked about the strategy of VEF - the emerging market fintech investor (formerly: Vostok Emerging Finance).
Is Gruppo Mutui Online the best Italian company? With Marco Pescarmona
I had the pleasure to discuss the history and potential of Gruppo Mutui Online with one of the founders of the company, Marco Pescarmona.
Looking for an investing community? Here is Good Investing Plus
Good Investing Plus in my new community for experienced investors. You can apply here:
Felix Gode, how to compound with over 15% p.a. in German stocks?
Felix Gode is a good investor with a focus on small and mid-caps from German-speaking countries. We had the pleasure to discuss his strategy and two investments.
Why does Worm Capital invest in disruptor stocks like Tesla and Spotify, Dan and Erik?
In this interview, Eric Markowitz and Dan Crowley gave me interesting insights into the way the outperforming funds of Worm Capital are "engineered". We also discussed Tesla and Spotify.
Can Babylon Health dominate digital health, Per Brilioth (VNV Global)?
With Per Brilioth of VNV Global, I discussed the history of the company, the current portfolio, and Babylon Health.
Tom Gayner, how do you build your portfolio? A talk with the Co-CEO
I had the pleasure to do an interview with Tom Gayner of Markel. We talked about capital allocation and much more.
Why are you digging for investing diamonds in South Africa, Rudi van Niekerk?
Rudi van Niekerk is an outspoken expert for investing in South Africa. He is following a long-term-oriented value approach in a rather inefficient market.
What are your lessons for compounding in the Nordics, Daniel Glaser?
Daniel Glaser of River Oak Capital is an outstanding global investor with a strong focus on the Nordics. He walked me through his journey into investing and his approach in this talk. We also discussed his investment in Fortnox.
What are the pains of growth for Naked Wines? A talk with CEO Nick Devlin
With Nick Devlin, the CEO of Naked Wines, I had the pleasure to discuss the developments and prospects of the wine e-commerce company.
Is Nintendo a multi-bagger? Ryan O'Connor on Todd Wenning deep dive on the japanese stock
With Ryan O'Connor of Crossroad Capital and Todd Wenning of Ensemble Capital, I had the pleasure to take a deep dive into Nintendo.
Is Naked Wines building a mousetrap? A chat with Rowan Gormley
In this conversation, the former Naked Wines CEO Rowan Gormley sits down with me to discuss the history of his company.
Are 1 - 2 investments per year enough? Andrew Rosenblum on AHA moments
Andrew Rosenblum of Bonsai Partners is an impressive investor. He is looking globally for great business and investment opportunities. Here we chat about his way into investing, his approach, and his investment in RedBubble.
How friendship helps to find the best stocks - Dennis Hong & Fred Liu
In this podcast, Fred Liu and Dennis Hong share how friendship helped them to become better investors. They also share investing insights.
What makes internet stocks attractive, Dennis Hong (ShawSpring)?
In this talk Dennis Hong and I are discussing the great opportunities that make investing in internet businesses so attractive.
Why are you invested in Sea Limited and Carvana? A Q&A with Fred Liu (Hayden Capital)
Fred Liu of Hayden Capital is a Value Investor with a focus on quality investments. He is investing concentrated and looking for opportunities in the Asian internet space.
Why is he heavily invested in Carvana? Investor Clifford Sosin on Carvana
Here we are talking with Cliff Sosin (CAS Investment Partners) about his investment in Carvana, shorting and his advice for young investors.
How to generate ideas? A talk with outperforming Value Investor Cliff Sosin
Here outperforming investor Cliff Sosin talks about his way to generate ideas and why he declines certain investment ideas.
What is a good Investment process? A talk with the Value Investor Rob Vinall
In this conversation, Rob Vinall of RV Capital outlines his investment process and what he is looking for in companies.
How to evaluate management? A talk with Value Investor Robert Vinall
In this interview, Rob Vinall explains how he evaluates management.
What has a bar to do with finding investment ideas? Guy Spier on idea generation, process & research
At the beginning of October 2019, we had the chance for a series of interviews with Guy Spier of Aquamarine ( and in Zurich. In this part of the interview, you can learn more about Guy Spier's research process.
How did Mohnish Pabrai inspire Guy Spier? An interview in the Aquamarine Fund's office in Zurich
At the beginning of October 2019, we had the chance for a series of interviews with Guy Spier of Aquamarine ( and in Zurich. In this part of the interview you can understand how Guy became the investor he is today.