The Good Investing Conference @ Berkshire Hathaway

Join the best community conference for the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting

The Conference @ Berkshire Hathaway adds value to you by …

  • … offering you a ton of fun networking events.
  • … connecting with you with other passionate investors.
  • … providing resources to make your Berkshire Hathaway AGM visit great.

Days to the next Berkshire Hathaway AGM

How will the Good Investing Conference @ Berkshire Hathaway add value to you?

This is how the conference can support you:

Enjoying in-depth conversations ✅

Having fruitful idea exchange💡

Making helpful friends ☑️

In Omaha, we help our members with the following:

  • A helpful network of like-minded investors that turns into friends
  • Help with your trip preparation & quick responses to your questions
  • Cost-saving recommendations and cost-sharing opportunities
  • More exclusive insights in addition to our public guide
  • Strong support for first-time visitors to improve the trip impact
  • Great networking opportunities through our events & introductions
  • A continuous and fully digital exchange via our app
  • Access to exclusive events for investing business builders
  • Casual touchpoints for allocator exposure

This is what community members say about our trip to the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting

150+ Good Investing Plus community members have enjoyed the Good Investing Omaha conference in the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting week. Here is what they say:

What will await you in Omaha?

Here, you can learn more about the Good Investing events in the week of the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting:

“I was at many events in Omaha. But I enjoyed the exchanges at the Good Investing get-togethers the most.”

The evening get-togethers are the heart of the Omaha experience. From Wednesday to Sunday, we gather most evenings and nights to exchange in a casual atmosphere in different locations in Omaha. A lot of time and effort goes into selecting the suitable locations that provide high-quality hospitality. During these events, a lot of exciting conversations will happen.

„Have you already spoken to this member? I think you could highly profit from the exchange”.

Via our digital community and on the ground in Omaha, we are facilitating plenty of curated 1on1 and group exchanges. These exchanges complement our Omaha events and help you find fantastic exchange partners and potential new friends.

“It was great fun to join the idea lunch. I loved this event!”

On Thursday, we host a series of community-run events to share investing ideas. During these events, you can chat about investing ideas with other community members. Furthermore, every member will be asked to share an investing idea ahead of the Berkshire Hathaway AGM week.

„Your events were very helpful. They gave me 50% of the leads I can now follow up”.

During the Berkshire Hathaway week, we offer supportive connections and dedicated events for (Emerging) Fund Managers. The Emerging Managers meeting is one key format. Our connections and events help Emerging Managers build and grow their investment businesses.

„Which events are worth going to? Is it really worth spending so much money to participate?”

Our conference is designed to give members time and space to participate in other activities, like sightseeing and shopping, and to visit other events. We are also delighted to help our community members to find the best complimentary events in Omaha.

Who is especially invited to apply for the Good Investing Conference?

We are looking for long-term oriented, kind investors.

We invite kind and ambitious investors to apply. If you want to build something in the investing world, you are very welcome to apply. For instance, this can be a career, financial freedom, an investing fund, or knowledge.

There is more waiting for you 🎁

There are many more helpful Omaha resources to discover after you have joined the Good Investing Plus community 🎉. Don’t wait. Just apply here:

Please apply to join the Good Investing Conference @ Berkshire Hathaway

The conference is part of our Plus community. You can try the membership for 30 days for free. Then, it costs €375 yearly for individuals. The business membership starts from €500 a year.


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    Please give us detailed answers. Thank you! <3

    What happens after your Good Investing Plus application?

    Onboarding steps @ Good Investing Plus Investing Community

    1. Are we right for you?

    We want to ensure you are happy in the community and Omaha. Therefore, we will check your application to see if it is suitable. Sometimes, we might need more information. Then we will ask you for it.

    2. Onboarding

    If we feel you are a fit, you will be invited for an onboarding call and a link to onboard. You can access our members’ area a few clicks later. You are on board now!

    3. The exchange begins

    The exchange starts! You can choose the topics that interest you most and start networking with other investors in Circle. Furthermore, you will get access to the Omaha spaces.

    Any more questions about Plus?

    Do you have more questions about the community? Please check out our community page.