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Welcome to the Good Investing Plus Investing Community!

The Good Investing Plus Investing Community is for you if …

  • … you want to increase your odds of success as an investor.
  • … you enjoy a high-quality personal exchange.
  • … you are a giver and like to help other people.

Why members enjoy the Good Investing Plus Investing Community:

Please enjoy these voices from our investor community:

Our investor community provides value for

Here is how you can find value at Good Investing:

Do you think about managing money in a fund or another public investment vehicle?

  • Then we are very happy to help! Good Investing Plus has a dedicated program for supporting investors that consider starting a fund. Especially, we are skilled in Central European fund setups.
  • We also support fund starters finding peers that already have started an investment product, guide them to advisors and partners for setup and marketing questions, and support them with access to an active and helpful global investing community.

Are you a fund manager that wants to network with peers? Or are you looking to grow your fund management business?

  • We support (emerging) fund managers on their business-building journey and by scaling their investment business. For instance, we provide helpful resources to grow via educative formats and mentoring opportunities.
  • We also provide access to investment talent that could fill open analyst positions and to influencers that could help build a brand.

Can’t you wait to come home to analyze the next business after work? Are you a student that wants to be an analyst after graduating?

  • With our community, we can help you open doors and upgrade to another level of investing. Many teaching experiences unfold via our community.
  • We can also help you to get up to speed on key investing topics and find supportive teachers and mentors for your investing journey.

Are you a (former) business owner that likes to allocate capital on the stock market? Are you managing your family’s money?

  • A larger share of our membership has the privilege to allocate their own capital as their day job. We support them through our community.
  • We help to find full-time investing friends and exchange partners, experts that can share helpful insights and our experience with helpful tools.

Are you interested in investing in investment talent and Emerging Managers? Are you a (European) allocator that looks to connect with peers?

  • Good Investing Plus can be beneficial for you. In the community, you have the chance to meet interesting and underfollowed investors.
  • Furthermore, you can meet like-minded allocator peers to share notes and exchange deeper with them on work-related topics.

The Qualities of the Good Investing Plus Investing Community

This is just a selection of the qualities you will find in our investor community:


Access to expertise

As a member, you benefit from the experience of our community and network.


Investments instead of noise

We are a network of practitioners. Our members invest successfully.

Long-term plan @ Good Investing Plus Investing Community

Long-term orientation

Our community has a long-term mindset. We invest for several years and decades.


Networking online and offline

We network offline and online. Members join our meetings, our conference, and our chats.


Focus on the best arguments

We do not like bullshit. Instead, we love it when the best argument wins.

Global network

International network

We are centered in Europe with a global focus and network.

We enable our members to become better investors

Our goal is to make every member a better investor. We do this with a lot of passion in a very helpful atmosphere.

Since 2021, we have helped our members with:

  • Weekly exclusive online events with experts and companies.
  • 250+ investment ideas and 35+ deep dives by members.
  • 80+ online and offline meetings in many global cities.
  • 50+ exclusives and recordings exclusively for the community.
  • Countless relevant 1on1 or group meetings.
  • Finding 15+ part-time or full-time jobs in investing.
  • Starting and running an investment business.
  • Getting allocator exposure.

500+ active members

81 – Good Investing’s NPS

15+ investing jobs found

Circle: The backbone of the Good Investing Plus Investing Community

With our community software Circle, we offer a welcoming quality space to exchange and grow together in our investing community.

Circle @ Good Investing Plus Investing Community

Here you can:

  • Connect via 1on1s, events, and the member directory.
  • Join interest groups that help you to grow.
  • Visit local meetings and find members near you.
  • Get answers to your questions and share insights.
  • Study businesses in an atmosphere where the argument counts.
  • Travel together to Omaha and to other conferences.
  • Share your portfolio and profit from direct feedback.
  • Connect with other business builders for feedback.

We welcome your detailed application here

What are the costs? The membership is free till 31 December 2023. Then we will switch to a paid membership starting from 250 € a year (or 125 € for students & investors from Emerging Markets).


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    Yes, please send me the Good Investing newsletter (recommended).

    Please give us detailed answers. Thank you! <3

    What happens after your application to the investing community?

    Onboarding steps @ Good Investing Plus Investing Community

    1. Are we right for you?

    We want to make sure that you are happy in the community. Therefore, we will check your application to see if it is suitable. Sometimes we might need more information. Then we will ask you for it.

    2. Onboarding

    If we feel you are right, you will receive a link to onboard within a month. A few clicks later, you can access our member’s area and our welcoming emails. You are on board now!

    3. The exchange begins

    The exchange starts! You can choose the topics that interest you most and start networking with other investors in Circle. Furthermore, you will receive invitations to webinars, meetings, and more.

    FAQ: Good Investing Plus Investing Community

    FAQ @ Good Investing Plus Investing Community

    Communities work best when they’ve got consistent, committed members who can mutually help each other.

    Investing, in particular, is a long game and takes continuous work and motivation to grow. As such, we’re looking for members with a stable knowledge base who take that step about growing together seriously.

    We don’t want an activity for activity’s sake. So, focusing on the selected communication where you can add value to and help the other members is totally acceptable.

    But we will contact you if you never contribute and are not a Supporters Club member. We will deactivate your account if you don’t get back and start engaging with the community.

    As a rule of thumb, we expect you to contribute with a meaningful and value-adding contribution every six months.

    Till 31 December 2023, the membership is free. Then we will switch to a paid membership starting from 250 € a year.

    Onboarding to our Investor Community can take some time. If you haven’t heard from us after two months, please get in touch with us.

    We are working with Circle. Think of Circle as a relaxed mix between Slack, Facebook Groups, and LinkedIn. It is excellent and also offers an Android and iOS app!

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