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About us - Good Investing Center

About us – Learn more about the Good Investing Center

Hey, it is very nice you are interested in the Good Investing Center! We are very happy to tell you more about us.

What is our mission?

Our mission is sharing knowledge and wisdom about the practice of Good Investing. Thereby we have a long-term thinking. We are strongly influenced by Value Investing. The ideas behind the concept of Value Investing influence our thinking strongly. We think with this framework about different investing opportunities in different industries.

We share knowledge and wisdom about Good Investing in different ways. One is the content you can find on this website. Here you can find Good Investing Blogs, Good Investing Resources, and our Good Investing Talks. In this series of talks we are exchanging with Good Investors from our global network. Our talks are mostly livestreams. So, viewers can hand in their questions.

Furthermore, we are building a global community for Good Investors. Our aim there is to make each other better through mutual exchange and sharing. Here you can apply for our community.

How many people do we reach?

In October 2020 we have a measurable audience of 13.000 subscribers and around 30.000 monthly clicks. Our audience is truly global. We have a focus on Europe and North America with a strong audience in Germany and the United States.

Who is behind the Good Investing Center?

The Good Investing Center is mostly run by Tilman Versch. I live in Stuttgart and Berlin in Germany. I came into investing in 2016. Soon, I was fascinated by long-term oriented investing and to think about business under this lens. At the end of 2017 friends and I started valueDACH – a platform and community for Value Investors from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Besides doing a lot work in German, I also encountered very inspiring international investors during the last two years. I produced a lot of insightful content with them. In October 2020 I made my international work available on this website. I hope you enjoy it.

If you have any feedback or wishes, feel free to contact me.