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About us - Good Investing Center

Hey, it is great you are interested in the Good Investing Center! Here you can easily still your curiosity. Your first question might be: Who is behind the Good Investing Center?

It’s me: Tilman Versch. I am your host, moderator, and coordinator. I am a European living in Germany. Without further ado, I am now happy to tell you more about the Good Investing Center. Later you can learn more about my background, my way into investing, and how I have built this project.

What is the mission?

The mission of Good Investing Center is quite simple: We want to share deep knowledge about Good Investing.

What is Good Investing?

There is not that simple answer. But there are some characteristics of Good Investing:

  • A long-term orientation
  • An entrepreneurial mindset
  • A framework that includes key concepts of Value Investing
  • A reflexive process that allows to change preconceptions and ones mind

How do we share knowledge about Good Investing?

We share knowledge in different ways. The core is the content you can find here on this website. For instance, here you can find:

In this series of talks, Tilman is exchanging with good investors. We are also covering carefully selected individual companies to allow our viewers to gather knowledge about them.

Furthermore, we are building a global community for Good Investors. There we want to help our members to become better investors themselves – by mutual exchange and sharing in a safe space. Here you can find out

Who is Tilman?

Tilman Versch

I am Tilman Versch – your host, moderator, and coordinator. I live in Stuttgart and Berlin in Germany. Besides being passionate about investing I work in local politics of the state of Baden-Württemberg. Here I support the Green Party where I am also a member for nearly 20 years. Fighting the climate crisis is a very important topic for me.

In 2016 I came in touch with long-term oriented investing. Soon, I was fascinated by the key concepts of Value Investing and felt more and more in love with the concept of investing as an owner. Through the years I learned a lot by making my mistakes – some costly, some lucky. Over time I gravitated more and more to quality orientated and concentrated investing approach. The many talks with good investors I could do for the Good Investing Center and the many conversations I could do in my community were highly inspiring for that shift.

How did the Good Investing Center come to life?

In early 2018 friends and I started valueDACH – a website and community for Value Investors from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. We had fun connecting German-speaking investors and learning from each other.

I also encountered very inspiring international investors since the beginning of 2018. It was very inspiring to produce content with them. In October 2020 I made my international work available at the Good Investing Center. in January 2021 I decided to fully focus my efforts on the Good Investing Center.

I am happy to get your message. Feel free to contact me here.