Good Investing Conference Berlin – 07 till 09 November

Apply for the Good Investing Conference Berlin – The conference for investment business builders

The Good Investing Investing Conference Berlin is for you if …

  • … you want to grow your investment business.
  • … you plan to start an investment business.
  • … you wish to learn from other business builders.
  • … you love enjoying Germany’s late summer.

What to expect – The Good Investing Conference Berlin schedule

On Tuesday, we will start the conference with a panel night. The panel night will begin at 5:30 PM. During the evening, we will discuss significant investment business-building topics with experts. Currently, we are working on two panels with these working titles:

  • “Transforming an investment business”
  • “Building a partnership in the age of the climate crisis”

We will work together on Wednesday from 09:00 to 18:00 in an Open Space setup.

In the morning, all participants will build their program for the day. After this building session, all participants can work independently in different workshops. Participant protocols will document results.

The Open Space method allows a productive way of working together while focusing on relevant topics for the participants. By working with an Open Space setup, prepared remarks and presentations, and spontaneous ideas that will lead to sessions having a place at the conference.

The conference will end with the “Stulle & Stock” investment breakfast.

During this extended breakfast from 10:00 to 13:30, we will allow all participants to meet a selection of handpicked listed companies.

Tuesday’s Panel Night: Meet our panelists

During our “panel night,” you can discuss questions with these investors:

This is how we design the Good Investing Conference Berlin

The conference is designed with these values:

Focus - Good Investing Conference Berlin

Focussed on your questions

We give you the freedom to make this conference your conference. Therefore, we give you the room to put your questions in focus.

Exchange - Good Investing Conference Berlin

Fruitful exchange

We want to spark a lot of conversations and direct exchanges. Engagement between the participants is our key goal.

Helpful - Good Investing Conference Berlin

Relaxed helpfulness

We want to work in a culture of relaxed helpfulness. Every participant should be incentivized to help others with their questions.

Wednesday’s Open Space workshop: Meet our experts

To support investment company builders, we provide access to helpful investment business-building expertise during our Open Space workshop:

What can you take away from the conference?

Here is how we add value at the Good Investing Conference Berlin:

Do you look for ways to position your investment business better? Do you have questions about marketing & structure? Do you want AUM growth?

  • Via peers, you can get insights into strategies for building an investment business. You can get new impulses from the way they face common hurdles.
  • Via experts, you will learn more about regulatory, technical, and marketing questions that can bring your business builder journey to the next level.

Do you want to know what the other workshops have discussed? Are you interested in a list of the participants?

  • We will provide documentation of all workshops via the participant protocols and, if technically doable, a recording of the panels.
  • Via the Plus community, you can find all participants to connect with them before and after the conference.

What could be exciting investments for my investment fund? How do other investors do their conversations with companies?

  • By bringing you in exchange with hand-selected companies, you might be able to find interesting new investments.
  • At the conference, the engagement with the companies will be designed as a group experience. So, you can learn how peers do their due diligence.

What investments do other investors like at the moment? What are their favorite ideas?

  • Participants will be asked to share their favorite investment idea via Plus before the Good Investing Conference Berlin.
  • These ideas will also be shared via the name badges at the conference. This allows idea discussions.

Thursday’s “Stulle & Stock” Investment Breakfast: Meet these companies

At the investment breakfast, you can meet the following companies:

Please apply to our Plus community to join the Berlin conference

The Good Investing Plus provides the digital backbone for our conference. In addition to more conference background information, Plus gives you access to a global investor network and more support for investment business builders. Therefore, please apply to the community to join the Berlin conference.


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    Please give us detailed answers. Thank you! <3

    What happens after your Plus application?

    Onboarding steps @ Good Investing Plus Investing Community

    1. Are we right for you?

    We want to ensure you will be happy in the community and at the conference. Therefore, we will check your application to see if it is suitable. Sometimes we might need more information. Then we will ask you for it.

    2. Onboarding

    If we feel you are a great fit, you will receive a link to onboard within a month. A few clicks later, you can access our member’s area, the conference area, and our welcoming emails. You are on board now!

    3. Conference access is granted

    Now you can start networking with other investors in Circle. You can get more information on the Berlin conference. Furthermore, you will receive invitations to webinars, meetings, and more.

    FAQ: Good Investing Conference Berlin

    FAQ @ Good Investing Plus Investing Community

    We want to keep pricing very attractive for the first Berlin conference. We are still in negotiations and can’t disclose an exact price range. But we want to give a price range for your planning:

    • Paying members of Good Investing Plus will, at maximum, have to pay between 50 € and 250 € to participate – mostly to cover food costs.
    • Non-paying members will have to pay 400 – 500 € to participate.

    Every (soon-to-be) business builder will profit from the conference. But due to the legal setup, we expect the highest impact for European investment business builders.

    We have seats for up to 40 participants.

    We are working with Circle. Think of Circle as a relaxed mix between Slack, Facebook Groups, and LinkedIn. It is excellent and also offers an Android and iOS app!

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