Good Investing Talks

The Good Investing Talks are in-depth conversations to understand and study good investors and good companies. With different, individually tailored formats we want to help our listeners becoming better investors and understanding the thinking of good business owners.

How do we select our guests?

We are picky about our guests. First of all, we want to have a fun conversation. So, sometimes personal chemistry is a selection criteria. Besides that there some more quantitative selection criteria:

Understanding good investors

We look globally for Good Investors that want to share their investing approach with us and the world. There are no clear cut criteria for what makes a Good Investor. But there are some lines of orientation:

  • We are looking for a performance that has long-term outperformed the index. Ideally the performance has been over 15% p.a. since inception of the investment vehicle.
  • We like to have in-depth conversation with masters of their subject / investment that have a long-term focus.
  • We have a big openness for unconventional approaches, niche strategy or regionally focused approaches.
  • We tend to lean more to smaller and younger firms as to established bigger players.
  • We are more a fan of quality and compounder investing as of pure deep value strategies.
  • We are a fan of investors that invest in companies that make the world a better place.
  • We are foremost interested in investors that invest in listed securities or provide a listed vehicle to invest in unlisted assets.

Understanding good companies

Besides studying good investors, we also want to study good businesses. Ideally, these businesses are:

  • Creating value for all stakeholders over time – not only the shareholders
  • Make the world a better place
  • Well run, long-term oriented and practice a good capital allocation policy
  • Directly or indirectly investable for shareholders
  • Have owner-operators or a management that has highly aligned interests.