Jake Taylor, how does Journalytic help investors?

Jake Taylor of Farnam Street Investments has spent a lot of time building Journalytic (https://journalytic.com/). Journalytic is a journaling tool for investors. In this podcast, we discussed Jake’s background and

What is the laser technology champion LPKF planning?

Support us ► https://www.good-investing.net/support/ & https://paypal.me/goodinvestingApply to Plus ► https://www.good-investing.net/plus/ LPKF is a German company with a focus on innovative laser technology. With this technology, LPKF offers innovative solutions. The

Dev Kantesaria, what is your formula for quality investing?

Apply to Plus: https://good-investing.net/plus/Check out our sponsor: https://good-investing.net/ib/ * Dev Kantesaria is one of the two decision-makers at Valley Forge Capital Management. In his portfolio (https://www.dataroma.com/m/holdings.php?m=VFC) he is focussing on