Good Investing Links: High-Quality Investing Analysis & 2020 reviews

During the last weeks, I found some high-quality investing analysis and 2020 reviews. Here I want to share them with you:

High-Quality Investing Analysis

IVU Traffic Technologies AG – Stock Market Research

Sea Limited – Julie Young

FEMSA – Value and Opportunity

AirBnb – Value and Opportunity | Aswath Damadoran

Kri Kri Milk S.A. – Small Caps Europe

Synektik (Polish Healthcare) – Global Stock Picking

Mohawk Group – Jonah Lupton

BASE – Japan Business Insight

KR1 plc – Wexboy

Peleton – Yet Another Value Blog

CrowdStrike Holdings – Chris Seifel

Conceptual papers

Matthew Ball – Audio’s Opportunity and Who Will Capture It

Year End Reviews

Global Stock Picking – Summary of 2020

Clark Street Value – Year End 2020 Portfolio Review

Deep Value Investments Blog – 2020 Full Year performance +49%

Autumn Capital – 2020 in review

Searching 4 value – My review of 2020 (a SPAC-tacular year)

Outlook 2021

Mohnish Pabrai – 2021 Free Lunch Portfolio

Value and Opportunity – My 21 (+6) Investments for 2021

Yet Another Value Blog – Ten Predicitions for 2021 (SPAC Edition)

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