Good Investing Meeting – The place to meet investors

The Good Investing Meetings are a part of our investing community, Good Investing Plus. The meetings are organized and run by our community members. Furthermore, some of the meetings are run around different investing conferences and events.

The meetings take place in different cities around the world. For instance, we are meeting in:

  • California, Boston, New York and Toronto
  • Berlin, London, Zurich, Hamburg, Boston, Cologne, Amsterdam, Vienna
  • Singapore and many more cities.

The format and the frequency of the meetings differ from city to city. It all depends on the interest of the local groups. Usually, the meetings take place during the week and start in the hours after work.

Participants of the meetings are active semi-professional and professional investors. All of them are stock pickers and long-term oriented.

The discussions at the meetings focus most of the time on investing topics and interesting stocks. Other topics that help you to get to know other investors and their personal development are also very welcome.

We enjoy a high standard of exchange. The Good Investing meeting is a place to exchange about stock picking in a good way. Therefore, the meetings are not a platform for marketing or promotion.

Are you interested in the Good Investing Meeting?

You can just apply for Good Investing Plus if you are interested in joining our meetings. If you are a fit for Good Investing Plus, you will be able to connect with other investors locally and RSVP to the upcoming meetings. In our community, Good Investing Plus, we have an RSVP system that allows you to easily RSVP for an event.

Picture: Photo by Elevate on Unsplash