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Welcome to your safe place to learn and grow as an investor 🌱

You are in good hands with us if you …

  • … want to get better as an investor day by day.
  • … are investing with a value orientation and like high quality exchange.
  • … are building or think about building a (investment) business.

What members and supporters say about Good Investing Plus:

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valueDACH: The offspring of Good Investing Plus

4 years of community experience

Good Investing Plus is a community with a good and long track record. Four years of running the German valueDACH community have led to it. The insightful community-building experiences at valueDACH are the foundation of Good Investing Plus.

74 – valueDACH’s NPS

The advantages of our community

Access to expertise

As member you benefit from the experience of our community and network 💡.

Investments instead of noise

We are a network of practitioners. Our members invest themselves successfully 📈.

Long-term orientation

Our community has a long-term mindset. We invest for several years or decades .

Networking online and offline

We network offline and online. Members are invited to our meetings, our conference and our calls & webinars.

Focus on the best arguments

We don’t like bullshit. Instead, we love it when the best argument wins 💚.

International network

We are centered in Europe with a global focus and network 🌍.

Two community pillars

Our goal is to help every member becoming a better investor. We offer safe and welcoming spaces to exchange, reflect, collaborate and evolve around these pillars:

1. Connecting investors 🔗

  • We offer opportunities to connect – via intros, 1on1s, calls, meetings, conferences, and community trips.
  • We study good investors together – and meet some of them in person or in webinars.
  • We travel together – to Omaha, to Engelberg, and to other investor events or capital market conferences.

2. Understanding businesses 💡

  • We study businesses together in an atmosphere where the argument counts.
  • We don’t cover every company in the world. We focus on the promising opportunities with a great risk-reward.
  • You are invited share your portfolio and strategy with us – to profit from direct feedback.

Your membership options

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Email alerts for new articles on good investors and good companies
Free background information every year (for email subscribers only)
Special offers (for email subscribers only)
Creator Membership Beta
60 €
71,40 € (+19% VAT) for German customers
Our option for creators, students and low-income investors
You can enjoy all the membership benefits and
Collaborate & Build your reputation
1. Apply with a 2-3 pages stock idea
2. Commit to be helpful to the community by e.g.:
A. Organize local community events or to
B. Share two in-depth idea write-ups with us.
We will chat about the best ways to support the community during your application.
Apply below ⤵

My 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee

When you join Good Investing Plus you are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t feel like you’ve received value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the next 30 days, just let me know and I’ll send you a prompt refund. No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through.

I am confident that you’ll find Good Investing Plus useful, and I won’t make you beg or invoke any silly rules or conditions – if you’re not satisfied within your first 30 days then we’ll refund you without any fuss.
Tilman Versch
Founder of the Good Investing Center

We welcome your application here ⬇

Why this hurdle? We want to make sure you we can really add value to you.

    What happens next?

    1. Are we right for you?

    We want to make sure that you are happy in the community. Therefore our team will check your application to see if we are right for you. After that we will get back to you as soon as possible via email💌.

    2. Payment & Onboarding

    If we have the feel you are right, you will receive a link pay your yearly membership fee. A few clicks later you will get access to our members area and our welcoming emails. You are on board 🚢!

    3. The exchange begins

    The exchange starts. In Circle you can choose the topics that interest you most. You also can start networking with other investors. Furthermore, you will receive invitations to our calls, webinars, meetings and more 🚀.


    If you miss an answer feel free to contact us here.

    Yes. Our member pricing starts from 49 €/year + VAT. Members can cancel their subscriptions at any time.

    Naming a higher price

    Some members asked me to name a higher price

    • to say thank you for the free available content,
    • to give to support our mission to share knowledge about Good Investing,
    • and to increase the share of time that I, Tilman Versch, can spend on the existing community.

    So, I made the option to name a higher price available for everyone during the subscription process. Feel free to use it.

    The Creator Membership is our way membership level for creators, students and low-income investors. These members have to apply with a 2-3 pages stock idea and commit to be helpful to the community. We will find the best way to be helpful during the application.

    No, there’s no trial or monthly plan. Communities work best when they’ve got consistent, committed members who can mutually invest in each other.

    Investing, in particular, is a long game and takes continuous work to grow. As such, we’re looking for members who’re serious about taking that step together!

    We are working with Circle. Think of Circle as a relaxed mix between Slack, Facebook Groups, and LinkedIn. It is lovely!

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