Good Investing Q&A: Our virtual meeting

The Good Investing Plus Q&A is a virtual format of the Good Investing Plus Community. The Q&A take place weekly to bi-weekly virtually. The events series aims to allow the community members to connect and network on different topics of interest.

Good Investing Plus Chat

The members of Good Investing Plus suggest the topics directly or indirectly. Either they make a direct suggestion, or the idea for the event topic is set by the discussions in the community. So, we make sure that the topics of the events stay very relevant to the members’ interests.

Usually, the Good Investing Plus Q&A is run via Zoom and is recorded. The recording is provided in the community for interested members that couldn’t join the meeting.

Typically, there are two different sorts of formats for the Good Investing Plus Q&A:

Community driven topics

Here the topics enable a more profound exchange between the community members. Often these events are built around investor-specific questions – for instance, position-sizing, note-taking, or the question of when to sell.

Q&As with an external guest

Often we invite guests to the weekly to biweekly Good Investing Plus Q&A. Usually, there are two groups of guests.

  1. One group of guests is representatives of companies that interest the community. Here the company representative can present the company’s vision and answer the community’s questions.
  2. Another group of guests is experts willing to share their expert knowledge. For instance, this could be knowledge of specific industries or regional markets.

Are you interested in Good Investing Plus Q&A?

You can apply for Good Investing Plus if you want to join the Good Investing Plus Q&A. If you are a fit for Good Investing Plus, you can connect biweekly with other investors in the community.

Photo by Dylan Ferreira on Unsplash