How did Mohnish Pabrai inspire Guy Spier? An interview with Guy Spier

At the beginning of October 2019, we had the chance for a series of interviews with Guy Spier of Aquamarine ( and in Zurich. In this part of the interview you can understand how Guy became the investor he is today.

In the beginning, we learn what mistakes made Guy Spier the investor he is today.
At 04:00 we learn how Guy Spier changed his view on mistakes.
At 06:27 Guy Spier explains which concepts he copied for his life.
Ab 11:13 wechseln wir ins Deutsche und lernen Guys Deutschkenntnisse kennen.
Ab 13:06 erfahren wir was den deutschen Anteil von Guy Spier ausmacht.
At 16:36 we are back in English and Guy answers the question of which people had the biggest influence on him.
At 19:10 Guy Spier explains three lessons he learned from Mohnish Pabrai.
At 28:39 we learn more about a typical day and week of Guy Spier.
At 32:49 we talk about the right incentives in life.

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