Why are you digging for investing diamonds in South Africa, Rudi van Niekerk?

Rudi van Niekerk is an outspoken expert for investing in South Africa. He is following a long-term-oriented value approach in a rather inefficient market.

We discussed the following topics:

  • 00:00:00 The start
  • 00:00:16 Penguins and lions
  • 00:03:18 Rudi’s career as a grain trader
  • 00:07:44 Learning from negotiating with farmers
  • 00:10:09 Why investing?
  • 00:14:11 Desert Lion’s position in the South African financial industry
  • 00:17:47 The South African stock market
  • 00:23:12 Where Rudi would go long or short
  • 00:25:49 Books to read on South Africa
  • 00:28:10 The best capital allocators in South Africa
  • 00:29:49 Scarcity of capital
  • 00:35:07 How good is the capital allocation in South Africa?
  • 00:37:43 Why companies delist
  • 00:39:49 South Africa’s progress 00:43:08 Inequality in South Africa
  • 00:45:16 Why his seed investors seeded him
  • 00:48:37 Why he underperformed in 2017
  • 00:51:25 Learning from mistakes
  • 00:54:45 Position sizing
  • 01:00:00 The mining and the education sector
  • 01:05:39 South Africa’s demographics
  • 01:06:42 Car tracking companies
  • 01:12:06 The evolution of Cartrack
  • 01:16:14 Capitec
  • 01:23:30 Closing remarks

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