What are the chances in European Tech, Daniel Kröger?

Daniel Kröger runs the global ELM Global TICO fund with a strong tech focus. With him, I have discussed how he manages his portfolio during the current volatile market.

We have discussed the following:
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00:38 Introduction to Daniel Kröger
02:57 Observations on the German vs. US tech scene
05:26 Changes in challenges
08:05 Remarkable adaptations
13:00 Risk for companies within the crisis
15:36 The leg up of Daniels’s fund
19:21 Working with a diversified fund
20:40 The new importance of a positive free cashflow
22:45 Example: Why SES Imagotag is interesting
26:10 SES Imagotag’s business model
27:50 Competitors
29:50 Example: What makes BE Semiconductor interesting
34:30 Dealing with energy & the supply chain
35:00 Community Exclusive
36:15 Example: Airbnb
40:17 The price scheme for hosts and clients
42:55 Future risks in the business
44:50 Closing thoughts: investing during difficult times
45:27 Consumer behavior
48:00 Thank you
48:10 Disclaimer

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