Is Vossloh on track to outgrow expectations, Mr. Triska?

Dr. Thomas Triska is the CFO of the European railway company Vossloh. After years of structural change, Vossloh now seems to be on a new growth track that is supported by global infrastructure investments.

We have discussed the following:
00:00 Teaser
00:29 Intro Good Investing Talks & Disclaimer
01:07 Introducing Thomas Triska
01:41 The regional importance of Vossloh
02:23 Comparing the European & US railway system
04:46 What highspeed train tracks
07:53 Tension clamps
09:35 Research & Development
12:57 Check out Stratosphere
13:24 Maintainance
22:10 The Chinese market & thoughts on maintenance renewal contracts
29:35 The hurdles of demographic change
32:27 Check out GI Plus
33:00 Vossloh since 2014
41:28 Climate targets and demand for products
48:38 Inflation & negotiations with partners
54:40 Backlog and investments
57:28 Goals in terms of profitability
59:37 Thinking about risks
01:04:00 Competition
01:07:51 Shareholder structure
01:09:45 Skin in the game
01:10:30 Management buying shares
01:11:20 Thank you & goodbye

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