The youngest quality manager? A talk with Shaurya Gupta

I had the pleasure to interview Shaurya Gupta of Shaurya started his partnership 5 years ago, at the age of 21. He is hunting for quality stocks.

We have discussed the following:
00:00 Welcoming Shaurya Gupta
00:33 Making it through the first 5 year
04:43 Starting a partnership early
06:33 Check out Stratosphere
07:00 The role of mentors
12:06 Shaurya’s goals
14:20 Gupta partnership’s style of investing
16:50 Defining quality
18:50 Mistakes & learnings
24:08 Portfolio construction
27:50 Thinking about risk
32:30 Circle of competence
40:30 Reasons to select stocks
48:00 Apply to the community
48:30 Final thoughts
49:30 Thank you
50:10 Disclaimer

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