What makes internet stocks attractive, Dennis Hong (ShawSpring)?

With Dennis Hong (ShawSpring) I discussed the following topics:
00:01:44 What quality dog brings to someone who invests on the stock market?
00:03:01 So how does dog react to volatility?
00:04:32 Dennis Hong, how would you describe your style of investing?
00:16:50 What were hurdles for you to grow ShawSpring?
00:37:17 How do you measure love for businesses, Dennis Hong?
00:39:21 Do you also take the quality of management and to account for this?
00:41:21 What do you like about complexity in investing?
00:48:03 How would you describe your relationship to cash?
00:52:24 Have you found characteristics in the losers which have caused you to adjust your larger selection framework?
00:57:10 How do you decide when to sell or trim a position?
01:05:01 The risk of over optimizing
01:07:01 Have you found something Chinese equivalent of Carvana?
01:09:48 Which of your businesses is the most shorted on the market?
01:13:47 Is the Chinese internet space more competitive?
01:15:39 How do you discount political risks?
01:20:18 How Corona virus infected your businesses
01:28:12 What was your favorite chart in 2020?

Here you can find our transcript of this interview: https://www.valuedach.de/en/2020/07/27/dennis-hong-shawspring-partners/

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