Why are you invested in Sea Limited & Carvana, Fred Liu?

Fred Liu of Hayden Capital is a Value Investor with a focus on quality investments. He is investing concentrated and looking for opportunities in the Asian internet space. In this interview we have talked about:

2:42 Fred’s way into Value Investing
10:55 Fred’s edge in Investing
16:10 Shopee vs Lazada
20:40 More on Shopee
27:00 The year 2020
31:10 The current rally
34:10 On mousetraps in investing
34:50 Revaluations of companies
39:50 The sale of JD.com
42:05 Internet Space in China
44:20 Carvana
49:00 Carmax vs Carvana
54:30 Hayden Capital’s perspective
56:30 Summary

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