How to evaluate management? A talk with Value Investor Robert Vinall

Rob Vinall of RV Capital ( performed with 18,5% return per annum since 2008. We had the opportunity to talk to him in Switzerland in March.

At 01:16 Rob explains us how a typical year of him looks like

At 02:37 he also explains his “opportunistic” approach

At 03:08 we discuss how the inflow of money and the growth of assets under management has changed his approach

At 05:38 we ask: Are there limits through the amount of capital he has under management?

At 06:23 how Rob Vinall deals with mistakes

At 08:25 Rob explains what he defines as a mistake

At 09:28 we discuss the former investments Novo Nordisk and Baidu

At 12:07 we talk about Chinese internet stocks

At 13:18 Our conversation on the importance of management started

At 14:48 we are discussing factors for the trustworthiness of management

At 16:00 Rob Vinall explains how he filters out managers he trusts

At 17:22 we talk about positive surprises with management on the example of Grenke

At 19:13 and 20:07 we discuss other examples of good managers

At 20:43 we started to talk about corporate culture

At 21:56 we discussed the management and culture of Facebook

At 24:34 we talk about the role of reflexivity in his process

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