What is a good Investment process? A talk with Rob Vinall

In the beginning, we discussed Rob’s idea generation and how it changed over time. He also explained how he currently finds ideas.
At 03:08 we are talking about filters he uses.
At 04:53 Robert Vinall explains what minimum standards he has on a country level.
At 05:15 we are talking about factors that make a company perfectly uninvestiable. We also look on debt or cyclical companies.
At 07:09 Rob explains the next steps in his investment process.
At 09:22 we are talking about the role of numbers in his process.
At 10:55 Robert Vinall tells more about his preferred sources to gather information about a company.
At 12:37 we ask the question: How long does a research process usually take? Rob answers it with two examples.
At 17:13 the value investor Rob Vinall explains how he spends his time researching companies.
At 18.34 the question “How much detail is important for you?” is raised.
At 19:48 we discuss the relation between details and key drivers and mechanisms. We also discuss some examples for this relation.
At 23:10 we are talking about selling and the reasons for selling.
At 25:24 we discuss the question “How do you track companies you have sold?”.
At 26:31 Robert Vinall gives some insights in his watchlist.

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