Why is Cliff Sosin invested in Carvana? A talk

Here we are talking with Cliff Sosin (CAS Investment Partners) about his investment in Carvana, shorting and his advice for young investors.

We start this interview with talking about the share of Cliff Sosin’s portfolio, that he has invested in Carvana.
At 4:34 Cliff explains us why he shorts in general.
At 7:06 we talk about the size of the short in his portfolio.
At 8:07 Cliff tells his 10-year perspective for Carvana.
At 14:22 Cliff explains why he did not invest into the FAANG stocks
At 15:55 we talk about a potential acquisition target for Carvana.
At 19:07 we are talking about disruptive risks through electric cars and self-driving cars.
At 32:11 Moritz asks Cliff for an advice for young investors.

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