Edward Chang, how did you compound with above 30% p.a.?

Edward Chang of Pledge Capital started his fund 5 years ago. Since then he compounded money at outstanding rates. It was a pleasure for me to talk to him about this way into investing, his favorite stocks, and where he sees his firm in 5 years.

Here you can find the work of Edward: https://www.pledge.capital/documents

We discussed the following topics:
00:00 Who is Edward Chang?
00:16 Edward’s parents as role models
01:41 The role of the mother in the first investments
03:07 Volunteering with the Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation
04:09 Investing into Win-Wins for society
05:51 Start in the investment business
08:51 The pledge behind “Pledge Capital”
10:10 Being on the right side of change
11:47 Pledge Capital’s approach to investing
13:46 The Joint
14:52 Power Reit & cannabis farming
18:50 Commonalities in the portfolio: Sustainable growth
25:17 Strategies on choosing companies to invest in
28:02 Recognizing good management teams
29:24 Timeframe for investments
33:35 Return from investments in 3-5 years
34:43 Deep dive into Avid
43:00 Product range of Avid
46:01 Value decisions by the Avid management
48:40 Researching process before investing
52:03 The role of optionalities
01:01:43 Community exclusive: ANGI
01:02:30 Social responsibility in investing
01:05:45 Pledge Capital in the near future
01:07:18 Networking
01:08:01 Goodbye
01:08:10 Disclaimer

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