How much Fred Liu is in Hayden Capital? How do you select partners?

In our conversation, Fred Liu and I covered how he has built Hayden Capital. As we had time constraints a follow-up of this conversation will be posted soon.

Here you can find Fred’s letters:

We talked about the following topics:
00:00 Introducing Fred Liu
00:40 SPV and preparing for new options
01:38 Recommended books
02:50 Input through Podcasts
03:19 New information through conversation
04:05 Self-improvement
05:30 The role of writing and investor letters
07:11 Games – Community exclusive
08:30 The role of the gut feeling
07:56 How would your friends describe you?
09:26 Fred’s personality in Hayden & craftmanship
13:29 Dealing with change & pushing the circle of competence
16:41 LP’s and building long-term partnerships
19:24 Partnering with Hayden
21:39 Volatility & drawdowns
22:51 Hayden Capital’s transformation since 2014
25:11 Hayden Capital’s first Portfolio
25:56 Learning & Improving
28:11 Creativity
29:36 Communication with partners
32:49 Red flags from potential partners
34:43 Support
35:08 Writing for yourself
37:33 The process of writing the investor letters
38:56 Team growth
40:51 Outsourcing
42:38 The benefits of working with a colleague in Singapore
43:03 Taking board seats & adding value
45:18 Sharing data with others
46:12 Moving into the non-listed space
48:42 Goodbye
48:56 Disclaimer

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