Is Nintendo stock winning in the 2020s, Ryan O’Connor & Todd Wenning?

They are back! Ryan O’Connor and Todd Wenning have joined us to give an update on Nintendo. Our video goes online together with Ryan’s latest letter that covers Nintendo in-depth. Check it out here:

We have discussed the following topics:
00:00 Check out Interactive Brokers @ *
00:38 Introduction
02:15 Nintendo before the Switch release
06:44 What Nintendo has achieved since 2017?
08:30 Active users
14:33 The demographics of Nintendo customers
33:45 Nintendo’s marketing power
38:45 Lego & Nintendo
48:07 Building trust
01:00:30 Return on investment
01:06:13 Community Exclusive: Biggest fear of a Nintendo investor
01:07:00 The Switch selling cycle to existing customers
01:10:30 The developer ecosystem
01:11:29 The “Switch Pro”
01:20:19 Todd’s departure from this episode
01:20:48 Hardware forward and backward compatibility
01:25:59 Nintendo Switch online
01:48:28 Monetization possibilities
02:00:00 Read Ryan’s letter!
02:00:55 A hopeful outlook
02:03:29 Goodbye
02:03:41 Disclaimer

Here you can find the transcript of this conversation:

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