How to best invest in Germany? With Roger Peeters of pfp-ADVISORY

Roger Peeters is an outspoken expert for the German stock market. With the DWS Concept Platow, he is running a successful Germany fund. Our video was recorded before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. So, we don’t facto the recent developments in.

We discussed the following topics:
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00:39 Introduction
00:52 Crisis’ in the past 15 years
05:10 impact on the style of investing
08:26 Using a diverse investing style
10:54 The German market
15:12 Meetings with CEOs and board members
18:45 Networking
20:00 Must-knows of the German stock market
22:47 Interesting unlisted companies
24:00 Wirecard
27:42 Areas Roger does not understand
30:30 Defining “Mittelstand”
33:53 Understanding the “Mittelstand”
36:46 Number of companies in portfolio
38:05 Factors for sizing
40:47 Picking themes for investing (community exclusive)
42:03 Sticking with traditional “boring” companies
45:44 Focusing on growth
47:38 Is growth profitable?
48:41 Example Sto SE: What makes them interesting
51:13 Example Bechtle: What makes them interesting
53:08 Founder families as a factor?
54:48 Advice by Roger
56:02 Thank you

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