Tarek Müller, how does About You want to win globally?

About You is a very interesting German company. The team around the founder Tarek Müller wants to build a European and German leader in the fashion e-commerce space.

In my interview with Tarek, we have discussed the following:
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00:37 Who is Tarek Müller?
02:00 About You’s founding story
04:30 About You’s achievements
06:30 Early investors of About You
08:55 What attracted the first investors to About You?
12:24 Independence from investors
14:01 The vision of a global leadership
18:15 Consistencies and changes
22:03 Managing change
25:00 Tarek’s personal development
27:30 About You’s employees
29:15 Managing the employees
32:10 A company from Europe winning the online game?
35:30 The US market
40:25 Competing with Zalando and Amazon
44:23 Pricing @ About You
45:50 Incubating to grow
47:05 Acquiring to grow
50:30 The data game
52:00 Expanding to new markets
01:00:24 Italy
01:02:23 Managing logistics
01:03:30 Who is managing About You?
01:11:10 What does Tarek personally get out of this all?
01:12:10 What does Tarek Müller want to do after growing About You?
01:17:46 Goodbye
01:18:27 Disclaimer

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