Nick Devlin, how does Naked Wines show strength in turbulent times?

It was a great pleasure to bring Nick Devlin of Naked Wines back for a follow-up on the company’s progress since last year.

We have discussed the following:
00:00 Check out In Practise:
00:36 Introduction
01:37 Naked Wines’ growth framework
04:39 What’s the staff-to-growth ratio?
07:15 Where is the biggest challenge to finding new people?
09:00 Community Exclusive: Wine availability and becoming a great partner
10:15 Grading Naked Wines in terms of their performance in marketing
13:45 Areas to improve
18:20 Areas to stabilize before investing in further growth
22:32 Inflation & price increases
25:02 Taking market share
26:50 Models that are losing market-share
28:36 Reacting to inflation & thoughts on sustainability
32:52 Improving the customer experience
36:01 WineGenie
37:56 The “Netflix” metaphor
40:42 Selling premium vs. non-premium wine
42:35 Managing volume
45:12 Marketing strategies in different countries
47:58 The 3 tier system in the US
50:00 Apple’s identifier & its impact on Facebook
52:00 Could Naked become listed in the US one day?
53:50 Thank you
54:00 Disclaimer

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