Tarek Müller, can About You’s Scayle outcompete SAP and Salesforce?

The About You co-CEO Tarek Müller gave us even more insights into the business. In our second interview, we discussed the path to profitability, customer cohorts, retention, marketing, and the powerful potential of Scayle.

Here is the first interview: https://www.good-investing.net/podcast/2022/05/tarek-mueller-about-you/

Here are all our topics:

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00:37 Introducing Tarek
01:05 Target: break-even by FY 23/24
05:30 Paths to becoming EBITDA break-even
07:45 Growing in existing markets
10:30 Acquiring new customers
13:40 Inflation and fashion consumption
16:36 Watching the stock price & thoughts on buybacks
22:22 “Depressed Mr. Market”
25:40 Cash position
27:42 The customer journey
33:30 Managing inventory
37:32 Onboarding & keeping standards high @ About You
38:35 Supply chain issues
39:30 Active customers
43:40 Marketing campaigns
46:26 Penetration rate outside of DACH
49:07 Role of influencers for About You’s model
50:45 Marketing steering: Where to spend money?
56:13 Day-to-day improvements to the fashion platform
59:17 Profit contributions of new customers
01:01:55 About You’s platform model
01:04:42 Sustainability
01:09:22 Second-hand fashion
01:14:19 Optionalities in About You’s business
01:17:51 Scayle
01:23:10 Community Exclusive: Scayle in 5 years
01:24:10 Can Scayle attract customers outside of fashion?
01:26:30 Scayle’s revenues
01:28:05 Thank you
01:28:24 Disclaimer

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