Winning with game franchises? A talk about Focus Entertainment

We had the pleasure to chat with Laure d’Hauteville & Christophe Nobileau of Focus Entertainment about the publisher’s changing business model, the growing pipeline, and upcoming, exciting games.

Here are the topics we have discussed:
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00:38 What does Focus Entertainment do?
00:55 Creating returns in the gaming sector
05:45 Strengths of Focus Entertainment
11:20 The marketing strength
17:52 The change in Focus Entertainment’s strategy
19:55 Community Exclusive: Doubling down on the videogame industry
20:50 Alternative sources of revenue
23:30 Producing high-quality games games
27:21 Sequels vs. one-off deals
30:10 Why license owners trust Focus Entertainment
31:40 M&A transactions and acquiring other companies
33:37 The M&A transaction process
36:50 Additional value to bought companies
38:30 Closing thoughts
39:44 Goodbye
39:52 Disclaimer

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