How is Spotify positioned in the audio market, Jeremy Deal & Sleepwell?

The audio market might be the last untapped opportunity in social and the internet. Spotify is well-positioned to conquer it. Here we explore the audio market and Spotify’s position in it.

We discussed these topics:
00:00 Introduction
00:18 Who is Jeremy Deal?
00:51 Who is Sleepwell?
01:06 Disclosure
01:35 Drivers for the audio market
03:30 New audio technology
07:00 Digital payments
08:08 Tiktok
12:25 Developments in music production
14:51 Developments in podcasting
17:00 Changes in monetization
22:45 Difficulties in predicting the future of the streaming market
27:00 The switch to digital
29:20 Radio vs. on-demand
31:20 Personalization
34:11 Cracking the audio code
37:00 Advertising money in radio and streaming
39:52 Music royalties
49:07 The role of labels & how they have to adapt
01:06:27 Labels in the digital age
01:09:17 Revenue shares around labels
01:10:12 Physical copies of music
01:10:57 New promotional tools for music
01:12:07 Actors in music & new dynamics
01:15:49 Community Exclusive: Are labels replaceable?
01:16:42 The podcast opportunities
01:17:45 Addressing hurdles in podcasting
01:25:15 RSS technology
01:28:14 Spotify’s open access model
01:35:36 Advertising podcasts
01:50:00 Advertising content on Youtube & Spotify
01:51:50 Audiobooks
01:59:30 Audio in the creator economy
02:06:00 Closing thoughts
02:06:48 Disclaimer

Here are the mentioned materials:

  • Jeremy’s video on podcast advertising
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Sony 360
  • Pershing Square’s UMG presentation
  • Podz interviews &
  • Interview with Chief R&D Officer Gustav Söderström

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