How are you building the energy future at ABO Wind, Karsten Schlageter?

Renewable energies are booming. In this conversation with Karsten Schlageter, a member of the board of ABO Wind, I discussed the business model of the developer ABO Wind.

We discussed the following:
00:00 Intro
00:15 Origin of ABO Wind
01:20 Karsten Schlageter’s beginnings at ABO Wind
02:57 Supporting the channel
03:13 Renewable energy 20 years ago, 10 years ago & today
06:25 The future of renewable energy
08:00 Thoughts on the future market
09:10 Hurdles of growing the market depending on the region
10:30 Impacts of component & logistics prices
11:25 Calculations on costs for a wind farm
12:20 Investors
14:30 Development of financing costs
15:45 Value added by ABO Wind to renewable energy projects
17:05 Phase: Site acquisition
19:02 Differences solar farms & wind parks
20:02 Phase: Development
21:00 Responsibilities in the early phases
22:00 Costs of development
24:10 Focussing on the energy transition & the margins
25:32 Phase: Financing
27:00 Phase: Construction
27:45 Scale advantages in the value chain
30:33 Finding & keeping good people
32:59 Decision-making in face of growth
35:05 Phase: Services
36:30 Subscribe
36:40 Phases in developing wind & solar parks
37:40 Hurdles in the phases
40:03 Payment
40:43 How investors approach ABO
42:40 Risks of owning the parks
44:20 Community Exclusive
45:04 Shares owned by employees
47:00 International expansion of ABO
49:30 Entering a new market
51:25 Potential territories to enter
52:53 Getting started in a market
55:13 Making sure the ABO Wind culture lives in the different subsidiaries
57:09 Managing subsidiaries
58:28 Deployed vs. local units
59:27 Top markets that Karsten is bullish about
01:03:08 Difficult markets
01:05:13 Effects of Corona on the company
01:06:19 Motivation behind entering new technologies
01:11:18 Managing the risks of new technologies
01:12:53 Potential in hydrogen
01:14:38 2011 vs. 2021 in the renewable energy market
01:16:08 Role of ownership
01:17:40 Energy of the owners
01:18:17 Karsten Schlageter’s shares in ABO Wind
01:19:27 Evaluating ABO’s share value
01:20:31 Repowering wind parks in Germany
01:21:22 ABO Wind in 10 years
01:22:50 Encouragement to invest
01:23:25 Goodbye
01:23:36 Disclaimer


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