Dennis Hong, how did you grow ShawSpring Partners? A founder talk

In this conversation with Dennis Hong, we discuss the history of ShawSpring Partners.

We covered the following topics:
00:00 Introduction
00:05 Disclaimer
00:50 20x after the first interview
04:00 Running an investment firm
07:50 Overcoming skepticism
11:05 Development from day 1
19:20 Working on important problems
22:40 The role of kindness in building ShawSpring Partners
26:17 Traits of an exceptional investor
31:16 ShawSpring’s (early) investors
36:48 Hurdles that enabled progress
42:00 Relationship with fund manager
44:18 The ShawSpring motto
45:00 The ShawSpring team
52:00 Intellectual tension instead of organizational disfunction
53:30 Being skeptic
57:30 Identifying the right variables
01:02:15 Translating research
01:07:45 Decisions during the crisis
01:10:03 The potential of expansion
01:12:28 Support systems
01:12:45 High-quality partners
01:16:10 Vetting prospective partners
01:20:30 How much do you recommend to invest in ShawSpring Partners
01:21:55 Align with high-quality partners
01:23:45 What has changed over the years
01:26:20 Community exclusive
01:27:35 Recommendations for young fund managers
01:31:05 What ShawSpring does differently
01:33:45 ShawSpring Partners in 10 years
01:36:08 How to keep evolving
01:37:30 Goodbye
01:37:45 Disclaimers

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