From China to Elephants & Snapchat: Rom Wilson on ACM Capital

Rom Wilson of ACM Capital has a very interesting investing journey. He learned to invest in China before starting a US-focused fund. In our interview we have discussed the following:

00:00 Introduction
00:23 Investing in China in the 2000s
01:52 Rom’s path in investing
03:50 Learnings from the early days
07:20 3 recommended books
13:24 The ACM elephant and the meaning behind it
16:40 ACM, the “global” fund
17:55 ACM, the “concentrated” fund
18:45 ACM, the “value” fund
21:20 Owning Amazon & Google
23:00 The long game and the example of ADP
24:40 Ecosystems
28:20 Controversy
34:00 Building a firm
35:40 Advice on getting started
39:30 Hacks & the marshmallow test
42:20 Leadership
45:50 Being a person of color in finance
53:20 How hurdles make for a unique angle
55:50 ACM in 5 years
59:50 Partners
01:05:00 Investing into Snap
01:13:00 Community exclusive: Constructing a portfolio
01:14:02 Fair value of a company
01:17:07 Investing mistakes: Omission vs Commission
01:22:04 Encouragement & extra advice
01:26:12 Goodbye
01:26:25 Disclaimer

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