Can Spotify be the leading audio platform, Jeremy Deal & Sleepwell?

This is the second part of our discussion about the future of Spotify. Here you can find all episodes:


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In this discussion with Jeremy Deal and Sleepwell Capital we have covered the following points:
00:00 Introduction
00:41 Defining Spotify
04:11 Competitors for Spotify: Radio
06:00 Competitors: Streaming
12:40 Strong competition from Youtube
20:00 Disclaimer
20:15 Community exclusive
21:08 Daniel Ek, the visionary
23:26 Impact on the music industry
27:10 Setting trends
30:50 Imitation & Acquisition
33:00 Buying vs. Building
37:00 Working with the labels
42:30 TAM
46:40 Spotify as a toolset for artist
49:20 Massive opportunities of streaming
53:15 Growth forces for Spotify
54:15 Focus on creators
56:55 Increasing engagement
01:00:00 Launching in emerging markets
01:07:04 End of Spotify II
01:07:22 Disclaimer

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