What do all successful investments share, Spree Capital?

Thatcher Martin of Spree Capital Advisers has built an investment firm that focuses on the long-term and invests in high-quality businesses. We discussed the eight commonalities of high-quality businesses and his investment in the eBay stock and the Upwork stock.

Here are the timestamps:
00:00 Introduction
00:12 Origin of the name Spree Capital
01:50 His minimalist website
03:45 Saying “no”
04:18 Saying “yes”
17:20 First career steps
22:40 Building a firm
23:30 Forming investing process
24:50 Time management
26:26 Investors of Spree Capital
29:00 Mistakes
31:30 Integrating learnings
36:20 8 aspects of a high-quality businesses
37:40 Selecting 20 businesses for the portfolio
41:00 Managing risk
42:00 The tool of qualitative analysis
44:30 Analysing the business model
47:00 How long do you analyze?
47:53 The Upwork stock investment
01:02:25 Community exclusive
01:03:15 Role of management
01:04:54 Dealing with competitive businesses in an industry
01:08:22 Deep understanding is key
01:10:00 Selling
01:12:20 Example of eBay stock
01:26:00 US markets vs global markets
01:28:35 Disclaimer

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