How does Spotify win the creators, Jeremy Deal & Sleepwell Capital?

This is the final part of our discussion about the future of Spotify. Here you can find all episodes:

In this discussion with Jeremy Deal and Sleepwell Capital we have covered the following points:
00:00 Spotify Series overview
00:50 Spotify’s partnership strategy
01:50 Paying artists in emerging markets
05:15 The car Thing
07:30 Recommendations, discoveries & engagement
11:30 Spotify’s edge over competitors
12:30 Growing content base & delivering it to the user
14:40 Music discovery strategies
16:10 Effects on music production
18:10 Potential by transcribing podcasts
21:45 Production tools for creators
28:00 Data analytics for artists
28:45 Breaking down barriers for artists
31:04 Aiming for a Friction-less workflow
31:48 Spotify as an aggregator
33:50 Experimenting with payment models
38:08 Streaming income
43:00 Royalty splits
46:00 Understanding perpetual revenue
47:52 Turning engagement into new business models
52:08 Testing new possibilities
56:09 Community exclusive
57:13 Evaluating Spotify for investors
01:03:13 Thoughts on Crypto & future opportunities
01:04:50 Encouragement to try out the App
01:06:10 Buyback
01:07:46 Thank you & Goodbye
01:08:08 Disclaimer

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