Joe Frankenfield, how much Value Investing is in Saga Partners?

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With Joe Frankenfield of Saga Partners I have discussed the following topics:

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00:37 Introduction
00:49 Joe Frankenfield’s first steps in money management
08:30 Is investing gambling?
09:50 Being based in Cleveland
12:00 Setting up Saga Partners for long-term investments
15:00 The ideal investor
17:45 Philosophy of Saga Partners
19:45 The boat
20:10 Choosing the right partner
23:44 Strength: patience
25:50 Saga’s definition of Value Investing
32:10 Balancing opportunism and deep-knowledge
36:30 Evolving & replacing portfolio positions
40:40 Dealing with “mistakes”
42:50 Finding stable investments for the future
48:05 Example of Roku
53:10 Handball and the parallels to research
57:40 Dealing with bias
01:08:25 Community Exclusive
01:09:11 Long-term portfolio construction
01:14:32 Managing money privately vs. professionally
01:16:08 Positivity boost for everyone
01:16:45 Saying no
01:21:27 Defining high-quality companies
01:28:43 Culture and team
01:30:18 Customize your approach to investing
01:32:37 Thank you
01:32:52 Goodbye
01:32:57 Disclaimer

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