Alex Kopel, how do you invest at Rowan Street Capital?

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Alex Kopel has left his high-paying Wallstreet job to found Rowan Street Capital together with Joe Maas. There he focuses on investing in high-quality businesses and great returns.

In our conversation we discussed the following:

00:00 Learn more about Interactive Brokers *
00:38 Who is Alex Kopel?
00:48 Frustration with the traditional way of managing money
03:34 The beginnings of Rowan Street
05:00 Zero management fees
07:33 Dealing with smaller returns in the beginning
08:50 Creating stability as a founder
11:43 Choosing the right partner
16:13 Finding consensus at portfolio building
20:08 Factors for choosing stocks for the portfolio
22:06 Valuation challenges
25:53 Change & investing
27:08 Dealing with change
32:08 Community Exclusive
33:18 Mistakes
36:20 Revising the process
39:13 “Mode” and “Change”
42:53 Defining high-quality businesses
45:30 Exceptional opportunities
49:25 Never going back to Wall Street
51:23 Growth since leaving Wall Street
54:38 Thank you
55:38 Goodbye
55:44 Disclaimer

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