Philipp Haas, how did you build a successful fund with YouTube?

Philipp Haas just launched his fund, but before that, he had an impressive track record and shared a lot of his investing knowledge publically via his YouTube channel In our talk we discussed the following topics:

00:00 Check out Interactive Brokers:
00:38 Introducing Philipp Haas
02:13 The fair PE
06:34 Trend/momentum investment
08:18 Transparency & capability of Philipp’s algorithm
10:30 Mistakes & take-aways
13:25 Dealing with small & big companies
16:00 Finding inspiration for the YouTube channel
18:41 Brand- vs. trust-building
20:40 Philipp’s book
22:00 Early stages of investing
23:58 Motivation for content creation
25:27 Motivation & passion
29:55 Factors for success on the internet
31:25 Wikifolio
33:25 Managing 8 strategies at once
35:15 Example of Midcaps Europe
37:30 Managing a large portfolio
39:40 Community exclusive
40:20 Fund vs. portfolio
43:13 Building on the basis of Wikifolio & social media
43:43 Thoughts on fees
47:13 Being invested in own fund
48:43 Community exclusive
49:43 Managing time between YouTube, Wikifolio, and the fund
51:35 Long-term plans
53:14 Turning to help
54:45 Where to find Philipp
55:08 Goodbye
55:15 Disclaimer

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