What are good ways to invest in South Korea, Petra Capital?

South Korea is an interesting country to invest in. With the experts of Petra Capital, I had the chance to do a deep dive into this market.

We discussed the following:
00:00 Introduction
00:30 Habital land of South Korea
03:00 Effects of high density
04:18 Infrastructure in South Korea
06:30 Korea’s economic history
07:10 Shift to technology
08:47 Relation between South and North Korea
12:30 Korean stock market before and after COVID
16:50 Korea’s stock market culture
17:55 Foreign investments in Korea
20:30 Petra’s filters for selecting stocks
25:30 Questionable business models
27:45 Samsung as an example for Korean holdings
34:15 Holding discount
38:36 Shareholder culture in Korea
42:05 Activism in Korea
45:29 Recommendations on Korean capital allocators
48:22 Cash on the balance sheet
51:17 Buybacks
53:00 Differences to Japan
56:50 Playing IPOs
58:00 Petra’s evolution
01:00:08 Investing in Tech
01:04:20 Export business models
01:06:50 Choosing & sizing stocks
01:08:30 Compounders
01:09:45 Reopening after COVID
01:11:06 Compounder example: Kakao
01:16:40 Community exclusive: Renewables
01:17:33 Understanding Korean culture
01:23:45 Pace of development in Korea vs China
01:27:04 Transformation of Korea’s economy
01:28:00 Government’s crisis management
01:33:54 Thank you
01:34:10 Disclaimer

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