Christopher Tsai, is investing an art? Insight from 20+ years at Tsai Capital

Christopher Tsai started his fund in his early 20s. Since then he has created an impressive track record. In this interview, he shared deep insights from his 20+ year investing career. We also talked about the overlap between investing and art.

We have discussed the following:
00:00 Check out In Practise:
00:35 Who is Christopher Tsai?
00:47 Investing in “party markets”
02:49 The return of the “party markets”
03:31 Investing in 2020/2021
04:38 After 20+ years as an investor: What has kept Christopher hooked?
05:27 What was it like starting a fund with 25
07:01 Early lessons learned
10:28 Areas of improvement
14:00 Innovative technology and the investing game
17:33 Businesses that link hardware and software
18:54 Building your own reputation instead of being your father’s son
24:50 Lessons from Christopher’s grandmother
26:14 Building your investment business on the shoulders of giants
30:20 Expanding your circle of competence
31:52 Non-investing concepts and Christopher’s investing approach
38:18 Managing biases
41:17 Habits he has let gon in his earlier years
42:41 How does art help being a good investor
44:10 Letting art change you
46:10 “Creating” art yourself
47:48 Similarities between art collection and building a portfolio
49:40 Filters for quality
54:04 Builders in art & investing
56:06 The importance of looking for the right people
57:00 Would you rather give away a great piece of art or the stock of a great company? (Community Exclusive)
57:54 The deeper and darker sides of art
01:00:35 Are there always win-win frameworks?
01:01:00 Paying for the future as an investor
01:03:30 Building certainty in investing for the future
01:08:10 Optionality
01:09:14 Closing thoughts and Marc Twain
01:15:01 Disclaimer

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