Is Georgia Capital a chance to cheaply invest in quality assets?

I had the pleasure to interview the CEO of Georgia Capita Irakli Gilauri. Georgia Capital is a holding that owns a lot of quality assets.

We have discussed the following:
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00:38 Introducing Irakli Gilauri of Georgia Capital
02:45 Post-Soviet-Georgia in the 1990s
06:51 Starting to work in Georgia
08:05 Working for the Bank of Georgia
17:48 Investment criteria for Georgia Capital
19:50 Defining “cheap”
20:50 Understanding Georgia
22:30 Where is Georgia unique?
27:10 Is corruption a thing?
27:50 Spinning off Georgia Capital from the Bank of Georgia
32:38 The fair value of Bank of Georgia
34:40 Reasons for leaving Bank of Georgia
36:01 Targets for Georgia Capital
37:28 The service industry
40:33 Adapting the structure
42:11 Managing people
49:05 Learning from mistakes to
56:16 Russia’s war & impact on Georgia (Capital)
01:03:09 Is there a threat from Russia?
01:05:50 Russian migrants
01:09:45 Community Exclusive: Boiling investments down
01:10:34 Energy production in Georgia
01:12:04 The NAV calculator
01:14:57 Finding external investors
01:17:23 Example of the water asset
01:21:51 Capital allocation
01:25:40 Thoughts on dividends
01:29:22 Renewable energy
01:33:03 Where will Irakli be in 5 years?
01:34:10 Who might follow?
01:35:10 The outlook
01:39:25 Closing thoughts
01:39:58 Disclaimer

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