Are mining stocks a chance to profit from the green transition, Fabian Erismann?

A more sustainable world needs a different, electrified energy system. If you start thinking about that you end up with the conclusion that this new system needs a lot of different metals and materials that have to be mined. So, investors could profit from taking a deeper look into mining.

Together with Fabian Erismann of the Earth Resource Investment Group I made a deep dive into the mining sector and its pitfalls. We also discussed how mining could be sustainable.

We have discussed the following:
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00:39 Introduction Fabian Erismann
03:14 The basis for the green transition
05:40 Scaling in the mining industry
07:45 The declining deposits quality & copper
09:30 Trends that counter the decline in grade quality
11:18 New technologies to improve mining efficiency
13:45 Capital intensity in mining
15:51 How capital is spent
16:50 Scarcity & outlook on global demand trends
17:55 Geological factors
21:10 Mining types
24:00 Reasons for being bullish about copper
26:50 Phases of mining
31:22 Project development & mistakes to avoid
33:00 The timeframes of setting up mines
34:00 Supply for VW & other car makers
35:43 Noise vs. facts in exploring space
41:20 Valuing of explorers
44:05 Sustainability in mining
45:42 Costs of building a mine
47:10 Sources of funding for exploration projects
49:51 Infrastructure needed around a mining project
53:40 Costs of running a mine
55:35 Correlations in the cost curve
57:10 Renewable energy supplies in mining
01:00:40 Workforce management in mining
01:02:12 Possible failures in mining
01:05:15 Community Exclusive: Best practice in sustainability
01:06:06 The circular economy in copper mining
01:11:22 Dealing with mining waste
01:12:21 Evaluating long-running projects
01:15:00 Upsides to long-running projects
01:18:45 Liabilities & follow-up costs of closed projects
01:22:18 The role of management in ming
01:23:46 Dealing with volatility in the market
01:25:45 Important leadership factors
01:27:40 Closing remarks
01:28:05 Thank you
01:28:13 Disclaimer

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