Soo Chuen Tan, what have you learned building Discerene Group?

Together with his team, Soo Chuen Tan has built the global Value Investing firm Discerene Group. They have scaled the firm to a respectable asset manager. In our conversation, we have discussed Soo Chuen Tan’s builder story and his investing approach.

In our discussion we have discussed the following:
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00:37 Introduction to Soo Chuen
01:50 Disclaimer
02:30 Choosing a global approach
03:35 Mentoring
11:45 Receiving feedback
13:39 Opportunity in crisis
15:24 Advising young mentees
18:20 Balancing offense and defense
21:21 Tips on getting started with a partnership
27:10 Community Exclusive: Scaling up a firm
28:15 The right pace of building an investing business
31:00 Clockspeed vs. market
38:05 Enjoying the bad times
41:02 Finding the right investors
44:10 Southeast Asia
49:35 Attractive markets to invest in
51:44 Understanding countries when investing in businesses
53:40 Meggitt case stdy
01:01:30 Research
01:09:06 Management teams
01:11:29 Allowing thesis change
01:15:55 Reasons to sell
01:17:10 Stock cycle
01:17:46 Thoughts on Value Investing
01:18:24 Thank you
01:18:48 Disclaimer

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