Dev Kantesaria, how do you invest in quality?

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Dev Kantesaria is one of the two decision-makers at Valley Forge Capital Management. In his portfolio ( he is focussing on high-quality stocks. In our interview, you can get to know his high-quality approach in detail.

We have discussed the following:
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00:38 Who is Dev Kantesaria?
01:25 Resisting short-term trading
02:58 Dev Kantesaria’s competitive advantage
06:40 Managing emotions
09:59 The business mindset
12:01 Venture investing vs public equities
15:05 Starting over in a new field
19:10 Compounding machines
29:55 Networking in investing
32:55 Staying away from healthcare stock
33:57 Research
36:12 Being a “historian” of a company
39:27 Managing groupthink
41:10 Pricing power
46:10 Management
50:20 “Too good to be true” examples
53:35 Historic lessons
01:00:23 The current market
01:01:42 Reflections on Amazon
01:06:10 Margin of safety
01:09:55 Picking stock from a limited universe
01:14:20 Community Exclusive: Selling
01:15:10 Closing thoughts
01:17:28 Thank you
01:17:41 Disclaimer

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