What is the laser technology champion LPKF planning?

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LPKF is a German company with a focus on innovative laser technology. With this technology, LPKF offers innovative solutions. The company CFO Christian Witt gave us insights into the future plans of the German company.

We have discussed the following:
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00:35 Introduction LPKF
01:30 History of LPKF: The laser specialist
04:10 LPKF’s problem-solving
07:40 Explanation PCB
08:42 The precision of laser technology
09:20 The solar technology
10:32 The beginnings of LPKF
18:30 Laser processing
20:20 Keeping the competitive edge
23:30 Gaining & filtering information
26:06 The different business units of LPKF
28:52 Recruiting talent
30:20 The deal with profitability & scaling
33:42 The sale cycle
44:44 Reaching out to potential partners
49:06 Self-understanding as a supplier
52:44 Learning curves
56:01 Considering external factors
01:01:51 Recurring revenue
01:03:05 Community exclusive: customer concentration
01:04:08 Transitioning to service
01:09:05 Service in smaller markets
01:10:00 Acquisitions in LPKF
01:10:57 Skin in the game
01:12:27 Closing thoughts
01:16:33 Thank you
01:16:57 Disclaimer

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